Preparing for FOSDEM (and some German too)

Despite my American Handicap, the US government has seen it fit to allow me to purchase a ticket out of this country unchallenged. Assuming I actually make it, I will be at Fosdem 2008 this weekend.

But first some German.
Wenn Sie gern Deutsch lesen, schauen Sie kurz nach unter am Ende.

I had a look at the lineup, and it is, for a lack of a better word, intense. There are going to be so many things going on at once, that it's going to be a real challenge evangelizing Fedora upon unsuspecting people and actually being able to attend all the presentations I want to hear. It's also going to be my first time in Brussels, and I should definitely try to make the most of my trip there.

I am also going to be making a short presentation about some of the latest developments in Smolt-land. We have an exciting new privacy feature that makes it very easy to participate in the Smolt program, and remain anonymous. I'm going to discuss some of the technical tricks we use to pull it off, how it affects you, and what other developers can do with it. You don't need to be a genius to understand everything, though, so come one come all.

Also, ich weiss nicht genau was Höfflichkeit bei Fosdem wäre, aber, indem spreche ich Deutsch gern (vielleicht nicht perfekt), möchte ich meine Referrat über Smolt ins Deutsch verfügbar machen. Ich werde über Datenschutz und Smolt presentieren und wie kann mann es allgemein zu öffentliche Web-Anwendungen verwenden. Man muss nicht super ingelligent sein, also bitte machen Sie mit, wenn Sie Entwicklern oder einfache Benutzern sind. Meine Präsentation soll ins Englisch mit Deutsche Untertiteln sein. (Es ist leider noch nicht geschrieben.) Ich werde versuchen langsam und deutlich zu sprechen, mit viele verwandten Worter, und danach kann ich Fragen auf Deutsch beantworten.

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Anoniem zei

hey you know, that FOSDEM is in Brussels and that that doesn't lie in Germany (or any other German-speaking country)? They speak French and Vlams (a language that's nearly the same as Dutch AFAIK) in Belgium.

Anoniem zei

There is a small german minority in Belgium, so sometimes you find street signs in german. But you should do your subtitles in dutch and french, or just talk english.
The flamish and wallonians often do not understand each other and sometimes only have english as common language.

Yankee zei

Yes, I'm fully aware, but it just so happens to be that the three main languages spoken professionally in Europe are French, German, and English. Being able to reach 2 out of 3 in my audience is great. I don't think Fosdem is going to be made up entirely of just well meaning Belgians.

I could also try to do it in Vlaams, but that would be difficult, since I'm a bit rusty in that area. Even so, I should have no problem buying train tickets or ordering beer in that lovely language that is Vlaams.

My presentation will be spoken in English.