Fedora Devshell packages

After learning my way around setuptools making packages for EKG, i decided the tool that deals with packaging should be packaged. I've spent the past couple of hours making some broad changes to Devshell in order to work better with setuptools. I used to not really get entry points that well, but now having worked with them a bit more in depth, i can really see how they can be useful. If nothing else, i'm going to have to fix my module importing and detection code sometime in the future. Alot of the base code needs some massive overhauls, so it's almost time to say goodbye to the original code Luke Macken wrote.

In order to work with the new and improved Devshell, i've updated the wiki documentation. The usage guide is roughly the same. Installation and usage has been simplified though. Technically you have to run a few more steps, but they are very standard in the Python world, so anyone familiar with Python programs will have little trouble working with them. You can check them out here.

There is also convenient API Documentation if you want to know something about the internals and how things are organized.

There is an RPM waiting for review, so hopefully there will be a package you can just install in the future. If anyone wants to have a look, the review is here.

Recently one of our very own, Christoph Wickert, mentioned Devshell in an interview he gave on the upcoming LinuxTag and FUDCon Berlin. It was an inspiration to focus on making it available to the masses and i'm hoping that we can ramp up Devshell development a bit more before the upcoming 'Messe' and 'Konferrenz'. The interview is in German, so you've been warned. I guess someone in the community will provide a translation in the next couple of days, it's an excellent interview. If not, i might have to have a stab at it myself, to make up emotionally for getting such a poor grade in German this semester.

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