The end of GSoC 2009

Today i filled out my evaluation for Satya for the Google Summer of Code. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to discuss the grade yet, though i think everyone involved is smart enough to guess what it is. I just want to share some comments i put at the end of the form about what Satya has done:

I think the most important
qualifications of Satya's work are the
end results. The Fedora Project now has
a decent Docbook editor. The upstream
Beacon project has been motivated into
becoming a better upstream (read: a
better website) and the community there
has been revitalized. Fedora and Gentoo
now share a common project, which fits
in with Fedora's mission of working with
both upstream and the community at
large. Satya can definitely take credit
for being the catalyst for these
changes. Therefore, i give her a passing

If you're familiar with Red Hat culture, you'll understand that "catalyst" is a great Buzzword Bingo word there. I think Satya will fit in quite nicely there.

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sankarshan zei

How was your experience as a mentor ? Were there things that could be done better ? What did you like most ? :)