Hacking at Random: The Aftermath

I think i'm getting old. I decided it would be a good idea to leave a day early to get some extra sleep, and be well rested when i got to work today. Hearing threats about the internet and power being cut off helped motivate things as well.

Hacking at Random is definitely an experience. You never quite feel the same person after these hack camps as you did before you left home, and it's always for the best. If you feel like you missed out, and want to spend a couple of weekends catching up on the lectures, i believe the lectures and the radio feeds are being archived, and a bit of googling will help. A good hack camp isn't just about lectures though. It's about watching someone's FTP server going down, hopping on your bike to tell him in person, and getting side tracked along the way. By the time you've made it there, you're missing your shirt and shoes, and you're covered in paint and dyes. Sure this happens at any other festival, but not because someone's FTP server crashed.

I can't exactly say i was that productive at this event, but i wasn't planning on it. I spent most of my time off the computer, because there was so much going on. Overall, it was a great vacation. Now i'm looking forward to eth-0 and the CCC.

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