Wanted: Web Designer

Dear Lazyweb,

I've decided that i need a Hackers on a Bike website and logo for the future. I was thinking of starting off with a simple wordpress blog, but there's obviously alot of potential for what can be done with such a site, and no matter what happens, there's a definite need for some good design. I also need to come up with a logo, and since programming logo is the extent of my graphics skills, all help is appreciated. Anyone interested?

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Taree Vriesman zei

I am interested if this is a paid job. I am a webdesigner/webdeveloper from Australia, currently residing in Holland with 7 years of experience building web sites. you can contact me on facebook: Taree Vriesman

Yankee zei

Sorry. These things tend to be strictly volunteer only. That is the nature of these events. People do not do this for money because that would defeat the purpose of being a Hacker as opposed to a paid corporate slave drone. I've been recommended Drupal, and i'll probably just look for a cheap place to throw up a drupal instance, but thanks for the offer.

Since you are in the NL, i'll give you an open offer to have a beer if you want to understand what i'm talking about in the above paragraph.