Exit Interview for GSoC

A few days ago i sent Satya an exit interview for the human interest angle of things, that she can voluntarily answer publicly or privately. Since this interview, namely the questions, might be useful to someone else, i want to post them here:

  • What did you learn this summer? Tell me both about technology and
    community, and about things you learnt because of GSoC and otherwise.

  • What motivated you to keep going for three months and not just stop
    after the first week?

  • What kinds of frustrations and challenges did you come across this
    summer? It doesn't have to be GSoC related either.

  • How did you overcome these challenges?

  • What else did you do during your free time in the summer?

  • What motivated you to do this in the beginning in the summer? What
    need did you feel like you were filling?

  • Is this still important? Or perhaps you have other reasons for keeping up?

  • Given the chance, would you do this project again?

  • Given the chance, would you do another GSoC project again?

  • Did you make any good relationships with in the various FOSS or hacker

  • What are your future plans in life?

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sankarshan zei

I'd love to see more mentors taking this approach. This is a nice thing to do and, am so glad that you blogged about this. Perhaps you can send it to the mentors for The Fedora Project and JBoss group.