Extra HAR ticket available

It seems that Bert has come down with the Taco Hoest, and now i have an extra ticket for Hacking at Random available. If you are a Fedora Ambassador and would like to go to Hacking at Random last minute, i can arrange it for free. If you are just looking for a ticket, i can sell it to you for the original discount price of 150 euros. If you're in some kind of financial straits, we can work out a better deal as well, as the ticket is already paid for.

If you're up for it, i also have some space in my tent for you, and as i've already gotten the flu that's going around, you stand very little chance to get infected from me. Also appreciated is if you can come to Wageningen Tuesday night to help out with Hackers on a Bike, though this isn't required.

So let me know via the usual methods, but do it quick, HAR starts this Thursday.

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