How to install your very own XMonad XMas

Last night, I posted up some xmonad packages for Fedora 8, sans install instructions. Here they are now. Right now these packages are only for i386, although the SRPMs are there, so if someone can compile them for another target platform, I'll include them, if I don't figure it out first. Do the following as root:

# wget
# rpm -i ynemoy-xmonad-1.0-1.fc8.i386.rpm
# yum install xmonad.i386 ghc681-xmonad-contrib.i386
# rm ynemoy-xmonad-1.0-1.fc8.i386.rpm #clean up a bit

This should install xmonad. To set it up, you'll need the directions from the following sites.

How to prepare your GNOME Session:
A sample configuration using contrib extensions to run in GNOME:
A screenshot of this config:


bug reports, issues, complaints, and pictures of cute femmes in christmas costume can be sent to xmonad-fedora <squiggle> hexago <blip> nl

2 flames:

Anoniem zei

Any chance something like this could be made available
for fc7? I'd love to get this running on my OLPC XO.
Tried building from source, but got stuck on compiling
Cabal- (yum installs ghc 6.6.1, comes with the
insufficient Cabal- The XO ran out of memory.
Added some swap & retried, but then ended up with a
kernel panic.
It would be so sweet to have a package to install!

Anoniem zei

Please, Plase, Please build for me RPMs for Fedora10 with 64-Bit. Is that Possible ? That would be sooooooooo nice!