Our New Telepathic Overlord

Taken from On the record with Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's new CEO: 'I must have a mission'

What's it like stepping into Matthew's shoes? You inherit his board, his employees, his company. It's a bit like moving into a house that someone else built. How and when will you begin to put the Jim Whitehurst stamp on the company?

I joined Red Hat because it shares my values. I fundamentally believe that what the company is doing is right. People shouldn't expect a change in Red Hat's core philosophy, because it's a philosophy that I share. I will focus on operational excellence, but Red Hat is still Red Hat. That's not going to change.

[NOTE: I didn't have the chance to ask that last question, but he answered it while answering a separate question.]

--end snip--

Clearly this man is telepathic. The world could use more people like this.

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