Smolt is awesomerester

Tonight I'm happy to announce that the SELinux features are complete. We've been collecting SELinux data for a while, but apparently the reports never got updated. Tonight they have been. Whenever we get around to updating, these new changes will be apparent.

Along with them come other new features, like superpowerful anonymity, a few database optimisations on the backend, better integration with FAS and Bodhi, and talking tigers. I knew today was a good day to wear my rocket ship underpants.

Yukon Ho!

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Anoniem zei

Cool, one thing i would like to know is the percentage of people running selinux enabled in enforcing mode. Will this be in the update?

Anoniem zei

I would like also to see the percentages of SELinux modes - off, permissive and enforcing. Thanks.

Yankee zei

i'm not sure we have a 'numerical percentage' i suppose I could whip one up.

Modes are in there as well.

Anoniem zei

if you do publish a percentage, have in mind that the first profiles did not include selinux data. So the stat should take the total number of selinux enabled profiles as the base.