Fedora 11 Release Party Wau Report

I've been a bit remiss in reporting on our release party in a timely fashion, but better late than never.

Our plan was to have an outdoor hackfest following the tradition set by eth0:wau last summer. The rules are simple, grill meat, drink beer, and sit around with the computers outside as long as possible. Last year, it yielded this:

Perhaps we did better this year. I'll let you decide.

We started at a typically undutch time, an hour late. We had the fire up and going at around 6, but it wasn't till nearly seven when we started preparing food in the kitchen. People started showing up around then and kept coming as the night ran on until around 11. Our release party ran along side the birthday parties for two of Alex's housemates. Without that, it might have just been us nerds sitting around in the cold night weather hacking around. As it turns out, some of the guests are also a bit technically oriented, so a couple USB keys laters, we may have a couple switch overs to Linux.

Seeing it was a birthday party, and we had a bunch of extra I <3 Fedora shirts, gave the two guests of honour a very nice Fedora birthday present. Here's Piu, the cat, trying to get in on the action again.

The night ran on and it was the usual share nerdery, installing Fedora on a few machines and swapping files around via a sneakernet. Never underestimate the bandwidth of a truck full of DVDs. In the end i made it to around 3.30, where Alex said i was acting especially loupy, right before i fell asleep. A couple of people made it through all night long, though in the end pretty much everyone got a few hours of sleep at one point or another. As we all woke up at different times, we didn't get around to having a proper breakfast until close to 17:00 the next afternoon. As Alex keeps chickens in his backyard, we were treated to some very fresh eggs.

In the end we had the tents up until around 20:00, ate dinner, packed up and went home. All in all, i think we did it justice.

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