My Run In with CentOS at LinuxTag

As everyone can now see in Mo's post, my laptop cover is almost completely covered with stickers. Having no room left there, it's time to sticker up my laptop bag. I'm trying to start a new meme where i have Shadowman saying various things, and convincing people to use Fedora stickers. Hopefully there will be some pictures later, if i run into Mo.

On my quest to get some stickers, i decided that a CentOS sticker would also be appropriate. Although i was scheduled to start at the booth just then, i decided a quick jaunt over to the CentOS booth would only take a couple of minutes. The guys there were more than happy to help me sticker up my laptop bag further.

While i was there, i started talking with Didi and others about Hacking At Random. Well, the everyone there likes camping, so it seems we will have quite a bit of a CentOS presence there. They were planning on bringing a larger tent as well, so taking up the opportunity, we agreed to try to combine our tents a bit. Now it seems the FreeJ/Dyne/Fedora Village has just gotten a bit bigger.

For HAR, we're planning on starting an Event Box for EMEA and debuting it there. Hopefully if we get our hands on a projector and screen, we can do a combination of a Fedora/CentOS/FreeJ barcamp as well as VJing and running demos at night. If you want to participate in the process of putting together the Event Box, we'll be having a session at FUDCon on Saturday or Sunday to coordinate planning and hammer out a few details.

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