I should be a better tester

Kanarip is right, i should test rawhide more frequently. I've come across some SELinux denials on the livecd using the installer, which don't affect things too badly but can really scare the newbies. Well, in particular, the newbies that use Dvorak all the time.

(Don't worry, i've already reported the bug.)

For this go around i've done things a bit different. Normally i tend to fetch the DVD installer, hand pick all the packages in need a head of time, download them and install. This time, i've decided to go the route we should recommend to the pedestrians. I used the KDE Live CD and so far it's been pretty smooth. KDE 4.2 is pretty fast, KDE 4.3 is even faster. Getting Firefox installed literally took a matter of seconds. I don't know how you can't recommend this to even the most basic users around. The entire system is just plain snappy.

Coming up: Fedora 11 Release Party in Wageningen

2 flames:

Anoniem zei

Newbies don't use Devorak.

Yankee zei

I hate anonymous posters.

Someone could be a stalwart Dvorak user who uses Windows. The moment he moves to Linux, he's a newb.