More Snarkyness

I've previously commented on how to redefine marketing to your advantage.

Today, i would like to introduce you to a bit more snarkyness at the expense of a direct competitor. We're familiar with the standard IRC conversation:

<luser> ping
<user> pong

In IRC channels, we also see this form (that conveniently lines up):

<luser> user: ping
<user> luser: pong

I propose we change the aspirated voiceless bilabial stop to an unaspirated voiced bilabial stop. To foreigners whose native languages do not include the aspirated distinction between voiced and voiceless variants, this change will be even less noticeable. This will discourage people from referring to a certain biased marketing play by a certain company.

<luser> bing
<user> bong

That is all for today.

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