The New Treasurer of Fedora EMEA e.V.

Three blog posts in one day. I hope this doesn't become a daily habit.

Today we had our yearly LinuxTag members meeting of Fedora EMEA. For those of you that don't know, Fedora EMEA is The Bikeshed of politics. Picture this, a bunch of computer hackers with access to a legal entity with legal bylaws and rules that run in parallel but outside of the standard Fedora processes. Put us all in one room, give us a two hour time limit, and i guarantee you we'll argue about how to vote for at least an hour. All in all, it's alot of fun.

At our meeting, Max had to unfortunately announce that he is resigning as treasurer. At the time he joined, it was wise to keep the treasurer position tied in with managing the EMEA budget in Fedora while things were being defined in EMEA over the past year. By now though, we have a bit of a rhythm set up when it comes to sponsoring and supporting events. Ultimately, this position should be entirely in the hands of the community.

I had been thinking that perhaps after a year in the Netherlands, where i can get my own routine and rhythm set up, i would run for a position on the Fedora EMEA board. As it turned out, the position opened up and there was only one other volunteer. We took a vote (with alot of debate), and the position fell to me. For now i'm accepting the position, and we'll see where it goes from there.

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I'll kill you if you fuck up!!!!!

nah, I think we can trust you ^^
I hope you do well in your new 'job'