Why did i vote?

I'm seeing the start of a new meme on Fedora Planet, so i figured i'd chip in a bit of useless information.

I voted because it's the thing to do. You grow up with a certain sense of civic responsibility to contribute where asked and to make sure that your personal views are in some way being represented. The reality about politics, though, is that if you really are so emotionally invested in your views, voting is not nearly enough. You join or form a political party, run for positions of power, write letters and communicate with the others involved, and simply put, make your voice heard. I simply did not feel emotionally involved enough, because i can do my work in Fedora regardless.

Perhaps when we look at the election model for various Fedora Boards, we have to look at voting as nothing more than a thumbs up or thumbs down. We really have to think about how to get people's views better represented and how to get people more emotionally involved.

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