Emotions Rising

Dear Lazyweb,

Could someone please explain why people seem to get more emotional about what software handles their sound than they do about which distro they use or even which DE they use?

Thanks in advance.

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Anoniem zei

It is easy to understand: while one just have to get used to Distro/DE (probably learn new stuff) the sound subsystem does not depend on their knowledge / skill and has deeper impact on the apprehension of the work with the PC.
To be more precise (using me as a case study) - PA sucks as it makes older laptop crawls sucking 14-20% CPU by just listening to music and in case mplayer expects 90% CPU to render that 480p video not having 10% extra horse power is a BIG minus. Thus I get frustrated to the devs of PA and not to myself (for example to my lack of knowledge I get when learning new distro/DE) and the frustration is externalized - so I get emotional. So I tend to say things like: either fix this crappy PA or remove it as dependency you **** ****** *****.

Hope this explains it:)

Juanjo zei

Well, it's more related that anyone should expect.

I used to think that PA sucks, since I realized it sucks because of the terribly bad adoption *by Ubuntu*.

After that I moved to Fedora 11 and... well, it's not that bad.

Anoniem zei

malwkgad: all that heartache, when five minutes of Google would get you:


that outlines how to change the default resampling method to a less high-quality one, so PA will use less CPU time.

Anoniem zei

What does it say about a "sound" project, if the most popular gnome distribution cannot integrate it properly? I think you forget, that all ubuntu does is package software.

PS, I shouldn't have to touch configuration files to have my sound daemon not consume 50% cpu.

Yankee zei

What does it say about some packager's competency if they can't package it right? The argument goes both ways.

Seriously, if you don't like a tool, don't use it, just don't complain either.

And sure, it might be a bit of a hassle to change the sample rate, but you know what, instead of getting emotional, think for two seconds, file a bug report, and see if the next version of pavucontrol doesn't also include some ways of tweaking the frequency.

When you're emotional, it blocks the part of the brain that can think rationally about the situation and realize that there are ways to make things better, instead of crying that you can't listen to music or watch some video. That's what's been annoying me.