Fedora at the Dutch HUG

Unfortunately for myself, i've managed to land another speaking engagement, which means in between moving this weekend, i have to sit down and prepare a presentation. This coming Monday, the 12 of October, i'll be speaking at the Dutch HUG to talk about Fedora a bit. I will spend a bit of time discussing how to use Haskell in Fedora, what the status of things are, and how to build your own packages for Fedora. I'll explain how to use cabal2spec, a brief explanation of spec files, and a bit about the packaging process in Fedora itself. I will also cover what you'll need to do to run Haskell programs on enterprise distributions that are also RPM based. You won't need much Fedora experience to understand the presentation, though i'm assuming that you are already a Haskell programmer.

The presentation will be given at the monthly Dutch HUG meeting, which will be held at the Utrecht University Library in the Uithof. The presentations will start around 19.00 (7.00 PM for the Americans).

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