Google Summer Of Code Mentor Summit

So all i can say is that the Mentor Summit is pure awesome. A quick blog post using this qwerty keyboard won't cover it. (Damn you qwerty). There'll be a full write up in the future. Here are some impressions.

After all the issues we had with Fedora being an umbrella organisation for other projects, Toshio and i held a session about being such an org. Most notably was having KDE, ASF, and OSGEO present to share their experiences. They have had similar issues on a much larger scale.

I was surprised to see Mario Behling from LXDE here. We had a few good chats about doing deployments of LXDE on the XO 1.0 in Afghanistan and Vietnam, and using Freifunk to deliver internet. Hosting a school server in the "cloud" anyone?

Its nice and warm here, cant wait to go home to the Netherlands.

I'll write more when i have access to a real keyboard.

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Nice meeting you, Yaakov!