Bug Reports

As promised earlier, I have some bug reports.

Some are easier to solve than others.

I have several more disappointments though. Since Firefox 3 hasn't actually been released, almost none of my add-ons work anymore. I had to essentially scrap my profile because it was functioning so poorly. Also, for some reason, Yumex seems to lock up xmonad somehow. I haven't figured out how yet. Things are still torturously slow, as my system cannot seem to break it's speedstep induced bonds. Finally, although I have capslock configured as an extra CTRL key, the capslock light seems to be going on and off when I press it. Anyone have familiarity with controlling the LEDs on Dell laptops by hand?

Anyways without further ado.

Bugzilla Bug 446568: RHGB cannot handle requests for LUKS encryption passwords

Bugzilla Bug 446564: Firstboot does not honour keyboard settings

Bugzilla Bug 446567: Luks needs a single password system

2 flames:

Eric zei

I ran into this problem. I solved it by creating the partitions under the
default LVM. You encrypt the LVM and not the individual partitions within the LVM. This allows for single login.

You can still encrypt individual partitions under the LVM with a separate key for additional security if needed, from what I've seen.

Yankee zei

This would have required formatting the entire LVM partition. I had other things on there. Not to mention, it would mean I couldn't share the LVM partition with other operating systems.