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Today I met with Marcus Hanwell, who was a student in the Google Summer of Code before. It was nice to get a few pointers about mentoring from a former mentoree, which will be useful over the summer. We also talked about a great deal many things geek and otherwise. Apparently, (not that I didn't know this before) Gentoo has had programs similar to Smolt to collect data, but the projects have gone defunct. He thinks the community might be open to a new program, so long as it isn't debated to death, so we will be working on this a bit in the near future.

Fedora - Check
RHEL - Check
CentOS - Check
openSuSE - WIP
Debian - NYI
Ubuntu - NYI
Gentoo - Maybe
Arch - NYI

I wish I could say that my job this summer is to get all these implemented. The political reality is that it would be a tiring burn-out job. I think having it in just Gentoo and openSuSE for now would be a great step towards getting Smolt on every willing machine.

As for the other things, well I leave you with this thought. Imagine an organic self sustaining ramjet for a spaceship. Perhaps with a self healing ability to heal micro punctures that would accumulate over months of use.

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Anoniem zei

NYI means that those distros aren't interested in smolt or that they just aren't working on integration yet? If first is the answer then why is that?