Wevisor Ruminations

There have been a number of things going on in my hectic life, but I've finally gotten down to working on an idea I had at FudCon last winter. After speaking to Robert Frank about how Wevisor tragically went no where after the summer, I decided to take a shot at it. See the funny thing about getting drunk at FudPubs is that the next morning I'm not actually awake when I start hacking. I only appear awake. By the time I am already awake, there's a mounting pile of evidence over my breakfast sitting next to my laptop, and I'm talking to Jeroen and Jon about the craziest idea ever.

There was a bit of controversy at the moment. So far Wevisor had nothing to do with Revisor, except appearances. A couple of Fedora Unity people were not sure they wanted to keep then naming so close together. To me, it looked like it would be difficult to keep the two in sync anyways, if we didn't combine the two projects a little better. The next thing I said, I can promise you was not my idea. I blame the hangover.

"Why don't we just turn Revisor into a server backend that communicates with the Turbogears system over XML-RPC or JSON-RPC."

With a bit of prototyping modserver was born. Since we decided it would run multithreaded, we weren't sure what the best way to split the work up would be. Revisor currently is built up on many singleton objects, that use the self contained environment a lot to figure out what to do. The goal was to break apart the 'environment' from the 'action'. After talking it over with Jeroen, we decided the best thing to do is to create multiple 'Revisor' objects inside the system that can work independent from each other. Rather than creating one massive environment, we would have multiple 'bubbles'.

I would like to say that step is now finished. Last night, Revisor is capable of forking itself off into pieces inside the server. Being the crazy Dutchman that Jeroen is, though, the first thing I see when I just sat down to my computer is this.

"i've just build an iso using a modified client-demo.py vs. modified modserver/"

We now have liftoff!

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