Doing Screencasts

Dear Lazyweb,

What are some tools in Fedora for doing a screencast complete with an audio overlay. I've been playing around with some HDR photography, and I would like to do a tutorial on using Free and Open software to do it. This is something that it seems Fedora and Linux excel, since even a complete photography amateur like myself can do it quite easily.

There will be some results of my work eventually. I'm looking to get something I can be proud about.

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Anoniem zei

Fedora 9 has istanbul, an all-in-one screencast recording tool. You can record audio live while you work if desired. If not, you can simply record your activity, and then narrate it later by playing back the video and recording audio into the Sound Recorder tool. Then you can use the pitivi tool to combine the tracks. I wouldn't call pitivi mature by any means, but it might suffice for your needs.

Jef Spaleta zei

Yes, please try using istanbul for screencasting and validate the absolutely minimal effort i put in to maintain the package in Fedora.

Once you have the video up stash it in your fedorapeople space and let the marketting list know where it is.

We are playing with developing a miro channel just for Fedora created content like tutorial screencasts.


Anoniem zei

Miro channel for fedora stuff? Wow that would be awesome!

And playing with HDR in fedora/free/open software would be really appreciated!

Plus you can also make a video tutorial how to make video tutorial with audio once you made it!