Nodoka Redux

One thing that gives a distro its character is the theme that is used. Although Bluecurve was the Fedora theme of choice for years, it was definitely nice to see the initiative taken to create a new comprehensive theme for Fedora. Fedora 8 was their debut, and the unpolished Nodoka theme was well received.

The new version of Nodoka that ships with Fedora 9 though, is excellent. I was starting to think that gloss has become passe, but this is clearly not true. I am a big fan of both the new scroll bars and the new 'default' selection box indicator. This alone is a big win, because it make the OS have a very clean polished look, overall. But the win doesn't stop there.

I use firefox for pretty much everything that doesn't fit into a terminal or eclipse. Having firefox 3 fit into the desktop theme better makes a huge difference in the way my desktop feels. Tabbing through a form in firefox is now incredibly easy to read. Which ever textfield is selected has a nice ring around it, making it very clear where I am on the page. It's this little touch that is making my life quite nice.

Congrats to the Art Team for doing such a nice job there.

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