I'm going to miss the 'Burgh

Here's why Pittsburgh rocks.

"Sir, which one of these laptops are yours?"

"All of them."

"Ok, sir, we're just going to do a quick check on all your bags, this will only take a moment."

Once again, I've gone through the security curtain at Pittsburgh "International" airport in 10 minutes. In fact, the only time I've heard of there being a wait is during the peak flying times of the year. All the time, the TSA security personnel are polite and in a manner of speaking friendly. I have not once been shouted at, or ordered around.

Once I'm past the security curtain, it's only a short trek over to my gate. Not one single computerized recorded voice shoutted at me to get on of off a moving sidewalk. Nor was I herded into the shuttle like some sick cattle. The classical music playing in the background is quiet yet upbeat. And here I am sitting on some really nice free wireless internet.

Pittsburgh "International" is really a nice airport to travel from. Now if only they could have some real international flights.

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