FUDCon Live: Call for volunteers

I've typed this paragraph three or four times tonight in different versions, so i'll just pass you all a link that summarizes it better than i ever could, even if i did. The basic idea is that i want to make it easier to get people not present at FUDCon involved. I want to see better live documentation of the upcoming FUDCon in Toronto. As an extra bonus, if this can be pulled off correctly, people can sit in more than one session at a time. It will make multitaskers happy, and make it easier to decide if you're really sitting in the room you want to be sitting in. I'm looking for a few good men or women to volunteer to help out.

I'm looking to document the entire event via IRC like we did at FAD EMEA. Each room will get a separate IRC channel, and if we can get it coordinated, there'll be a zodbot in each one to take notes. This will let people take advantage of zodbot features in person, provide more community at each session, make the entire process more accessible, and who knows what other creative ideas could come out of it.

In short, read this: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009#Documentation

Please sign up to volunteer! We need quite a few people to guarantee complete coverage.

(If you have a better idea how to do this, comments and improvements are always welcome :-) )

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Mel zei

WOO! Another documenter! (As a hearing-impaired person, transcription at events is incredibly important to me as well.) I usually livetranscribe any sessions I sit in on and would be more than happy to do this for FUDCon Toronto.

IRC vs Other Things: We did transcription in Gobby for Wikimania a few years back (I don't know if they still do this; I only organized it the one time). That worked better than IRC since multiple people could help edit the same transcription in real-time (one primary typist getting the bulk of the talk, one or two secondary typists cleaning up afterwards, or taking shifts). Not sure if that's too much complication, though. Etherpad another (albeit non-free) software option.

I think the most important thing is that the system be Very Simple - something where anyone, within 2 minutes of sitting down in a room with a talk, can see and log into the transcription of that talk. I'll offer to physically go poster up the talk rooms with those instructions if someone hands me a pdf to print.

(end random thoughts on transcribing here)

Yankee zei

If that's the kind of workflow you want to go for, i would suggest something like Google Wave. Maybe we need to do a Fedora deployment for fun once the software is open sourced.