The face of things yet to come

Yesterday was the first day of LinuxTag and it was relatively quiet. I'll let the others talk about the details of of things that happened, and I'll save my comments for when things get more interesting. (Which they already have, but this blog post is about yesterday, not today.) I can safely say though, that I know what I will be doing this summer.

In the interests of transparency, I have a page on the wiki going over the overall details. This is going to be a collecting point about things I will be doing in the coming months. Check it out. Many of the things I will do, and places I am going to travel to are not yet definite, as we still have alot of planning to do.

The fun part is the overall strategy I want to take. Fedora is really a community of contributers, and not just users. So as of today, I would like to announce the start of a new program. I call it "CLA Fests" modelled after install fests. I will be at a few Fedora Install fests with a whole mess of some really nice white Fedora T-Shirts. The process is quite simple. After we get Fedora on someone's machine, we then get them set up with the CLA process. To get a free T-Shirt, one only needs to sign the CLA, post an introduction to themselves on a Fedora Mailing list, and apply to join one other group. I think this will make a nice gift to newly joining contributors.

If you are already a fedora contributor and have a FAS account, you will also receive a free t-shirt just for showing up to the Install Fest.

The second part of my strategy this summer is to focus on regionalizing our marketing approach in Europe, as far as getting contributors to join in. I'm planning on visiting the communities in a few different countries, and each country has its own character and personality. Part of this project is to put together some basic marketing materials, posters and handouts mainly, that are customized to the needs and wishes of the local communities. I personally think this will be the best way to get our message not only out there, but understood in the minds of people whether they're French or Thai.

After the long day of work, we went out to a local restaurant and cocktail bar.

The see through part is alcohol, the dark part is cola. It's a very long Long Island Iced Tea.

Something leafy for an extra touch of class.

The Gimp is great at fixing underexposed pictures. There was practically no light in the restaurant when I took this. It was so easy that even a highly skilled monkey like myself could figure it out.

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