Announcing the NetBookDora Project

What went from scratching an itch to finishing what I started, I would like to announce the formation of the NetBookDora sub project. The goal is to produce a respin of Fedora with a desktop well suited to the needs of Netbook and other sub-10-inch laptop users.

Recently, Canonical introduced its own foray into the world of mobile user computing with a set of tools for the Gnome Desktop. Canonical, however, denied any desire to release a generic respin of the Ubuntu desktop with these tools. Instead, this was left for the community to handle.

Currently, these components have been packaged for Fedora, and are available in a repository for download and testing. The next step is to get them included into Fedora as standard packages.

There is still alot of work that needs to be done to make this an official respin shipped with Fedora 10. Most importantly, there is a need for some art and graphic design. Currently, these packages ship with Ubuntu specific artwork. The current code for this project is set up as a Git repository to make sending patches easier. The only technical skill needed is some basic experience with Git.

For more information about the project, testing, development, or wanting to know how to help out, check out the trac instance. If you want to speak to me to help, I'm in #fedora-admin on freenode, and my email address is available through the Fedora Account System. You can also leave your email address in a comment to this post.

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Peter zei

Hi Yaakov,

Good work, I've been thinking about doing something similar to this as well aimed at smaller lower power devices like the 'netbooks', and also things like the FitPC (similar specs to the OLPC). Not too keen on the name, its a bit cumbersome. How about something like 'Fedora Mini'? Let me know if there's anything I can help with, look for Peter Robinson on FACS.