Your shipment of fail is here

Today, I got the following comment on one of my posts.

"Interesting .. your blog came as the second result when i Googled for "Fedora 9 a failure ? " ..
you forgot to mention about the "PackageIt" that hangs indefinitely , and the removal of the auto-login feature. Shame!, they removed beryl too :(, that was the saving face of F8 in my opinion wrt graphics."

Fortunately, this bug is not reproducible, but it did bring this to mind:

Don't worry Fedora. We still love you.

4 flames:

buZz zei

Hehe ;) Great idea, wasn't it? :D

Yankee zei

idfd :) too bad I can't put the other sticker on too.

bionerd zei

lol, awesome!
what other sticker cant you put on? the toilet one? ^_^
cant remember what i gave you...

Anoniem zei

Nice sticker!

The funniest about this comment you received is that nothing is actually true...

PackageKit doesn't hang. There are 2 bugs (one in Firefox3 and one in the kernel) that make Firefox 3 hang and even put a host on its knees. I observed several times that it made yum / rpm hang on my computer.

The auto-login feature was not removed, it was not yet ported to the new GDM.

And Beryl simply doesn't exist anymore as it merged with Compiz.

Thanks for sharing this stupid comment, made me laugh :D