To Arnhem and Back

In order to go to Munich next week, I had to get myself reservations on the super fast and sexy German Intercity Express trains. As it turns out, they can't be issued at the Ede-Wageningen station near where I live. After biking 8km (5m) there, I was told that I had to hop on the next train, but it only takes about ten minutes.

One of the funny things about the Netherlands is how small the towns are. In order to get to the train station, I had to pass through two other villages just to get there. In between it's nothing but pictureque Dutch farmhouses by the sides of the roads. Then it's off to Arnhem for a grand total of 30 minutes, to get the reservations and head back. While I'm sure it would have been nice to wander around Arnhem too, I really wanted to head home and get some other things done.

All in all, I really didn't go any further than travelling from one side of Pittsburgh to the other.

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