The Best and the Worst

There are some good parts and bad parts about basing yourself out of the Dutch country side.

  • There are virtually no distractions, good for getting work done
  • The air and water are much cleaner than Pittsburgh
  • The people are relaxed and genuinely friendly
  • You can leave your groceries with your bike while you step into the pub to have a drink or five
  • It's normal to drink 6 beers during a football game
  • You can go biking in the Nude

The Bad

  • The train station is 20 minutes away by bike, when the buses are on strike.
  • The train station is 20 minutes away by bus, when the strike is over.
  • The train station is 35 minutes away when you don't bike like a crazy American.
  • There is a crackhouse next to the train station. It's not a good idea to leave your bike there over night.
  • There is no Foreign Police office in town, thus requiring a trip to said train station.
  • Getting to the office in Amersfoort requires a bike marathon.

The Ugly
  • Sometimes you wake up, and the town smells like sheep. It's so strong that the smell can reach Arnhem

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