Review Request

Pertaining to my previous blog post, i have some packages that need reviewing.

Anyone want to review the following?

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hadess zei

Make sure you set the dependencies/blockers appropriately. If I were to review those, I wouldn't know where to start...

bochecha zei

Extract from:

The Trademarks
Canonical owns a number of trademarks and these include UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, EDUBUNTU, and XUBUNTU. The trademarks are registered in both word and logo form. Any mark ending with the letters UBUNTU or BUNTU is sufficiently similar to one or more of the trademarks that permission will be needed in order to use it. This policy encompasses all marks, in word and logo form, collectively referred to as “Trademarks”.

I've been asked in a review to remove all trademarks in my spec file, so I guess it might be a problem with yours having "ubuntu" writtent everywhere :S

Yankee zei

I'm going to have to get a comment from someone at Canonical or Ubuntu what the plans for being upstream on these packages are. I'm hoping they are willing to play by the rules properly, because then we won't have to run into the controversy of identifying which parts are Ubuntu and which parts aren't.