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As I've previously announced, I'm going to be concentrating my energy on getting people to sign the CLA. In order to do that, I've come up with some specific posters to that goal. I want to get this set up for the Install Fest in Paris, so they also need to be localized. Any comments on the copy are good. I've never realized how hard it is to write for posters until now.

My only concern is that this might dilute the branding of the original posters. In any case, I plan on keeping these small, and specific to whichever table I'm working at. My plan for the install fest is to park myself down, setup the laptop, and then talk to people about how they can contribute back to the community.

EDIT: Not to be forgetting about the source code, it can be found here

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bochecha zei

"I want to get this set up for the Install Fest in Paris"
Should I understand that you will actually be there ?

Yankee zei

That's correct. I'm arranging to have these translated, and then to print out copies of the standard versions and the CLA specific versions.

bochecha zei

Then I'll see you there ;)

Do you happen to be in Paris ?

If so, you should definitely check the URL I provided as "my site" in this comment ;)